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3 Things Every New Filmmaker Should Know [updated]

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Planning your film? That’s great. Before making your film, you need to know few of the basic things that will help you in filmmaking. There are 3 Things Every New Filmmaker Should Know – Concept, Script, and Screenplay. In this edition, we are going share some very essential knowledge or views of filmmaking. The three basic foundations involved in any kind of movie would be concept, script, and screenplay. Hence we will try our best to put some light these topics.

3 Things Every New Filmmaker Should Know


A concept is nothing but a basic idea of a movie. A concept has to be articulated well in order to develop it. A great movie requires a much greater concept. It is always advisable to find a unique and out of the box concepts.


It should always be universal which means it should be related to something common to all human beings. Just ask yourself whether is it possible to provide a unique twist in the concept. Hence distilling your idea down to a few words would give you the story and clarifying it further would give you the screenplay.


A script is a much advanced or the extension of your idea or concept. It is a document which outlines every visual element that is required to tell a story.


A script developed when a concept or an idea is given an extension. Normally a script is presented in two ways

  1. Submission script: it is a script which is neither sold or commissioned
  2. Shooting script: This kind of scripts would have been already purchased which would involve a couple of rewriting before it is put forwarded to production.

Generally, a script involves conflicts in the story, inciting incidents, status quotient, story climax, all these are essential in script writing because if there are no conflicts and if everyone are busy then u can say that there is nothing interesting happening in the story.

Hence always try to input conflicts in a story in other words a road block for the hero in the film and the ways to clear it. Always try to add some exciting or surprising incidents in the story which would be helpful in taking the movie forward.


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A screenplay is the next version of your script. It is a breakdown of scenes and shots of the movie. If a script involves the concept and the complete string of incidents happening in the film then the screenplay is a complete version of your script which involves:

  1. Action: the gestures or movements made by the characters in the movie.
  2. Time: it explains the time of a particular scene or a shot like whether it is a morning, noon or night
  3. Dialogues: which is added appropriately to the scene and the shots in the movie?


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The basic differences between a concept, script, and screenplay are:

The concept is just a mere idea in mind that should be documented which should be further developed into a gripping story that involves conflicts, events, and climax which would be considered as a script and this script if it is further extended to scenes, dialogues and shots would be called a screenplay.

In this edition, we have given a basic idea of concept, script, and screenplay involved in filmmaking. We would put forward some in-depth information about all these things in our next edition.

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