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What is SEO? Why you need SEO? [Marketing Insight]

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Do you want to know what is SEO? Why you need SEO? That’s really great. That means you’re working on your website or blog to stand out. Awesome! If you want to make your online presence stand out in this competitive world, search engine optimization is mandatory. Optimize your website/blog post that will help you to show up naturally on search engines.

Guess how many websites are launching each day. Any Idea? 140,000 of new websites launched every day.

Okay! Guess how many posts are publishing each day. Any Idea? It’s over 2 Million.

Then, Whats your position? where your website or blog? Are they showing in search engines while you search?

Whats the role of SEO in this? Can SEO help to show your post or website in search engines?

Wait a moment! We’ll answer all your questions. Before that, you need to know few important things.

Let’s start.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine show result “organic,” “editorial” or “natural”  for searches of a certain keyword.

Then, Why you need SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your website/blog post to show up naturally on search engines.

But the question is, what gets optimized?

Is it a content? Images? Links? or Design? or Entire Website?

Yes. It’ll be optimized everything and even you want to know how

Do you want to know Why you need SEO?

SEO helps to show your website or blog post as a top result to anyone who searches for.

All major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo show search results and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

It also helps to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines. It’s purely organic and natural way to get traffic. It’s not about just building search engine-friendly websites. We have to optimize the website in all ways possible.

Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO


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What is Black Hat SEO?

It is a technique used to cheat search engines and users as well. Like, the page content is loaded only with keywords to get higher rank in search engines but it results in negative user experience.

Ultimately this technique results in spammy, which often get banned very fast, often leading to severe punishment. To make few grand fastly, you’ll ruin everything and nothing you’ll get.

Then, What should you need to do?

Use White Hat SEO to make your brand stand out online.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is the technique used to make your page or website stand out online with high-quality content, relevant keywords and headlines will help you to rank higher in search engines.

What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?


On-page SEO is directly related to the page. Try to optimize, such as headlines, content and page structure for better results. Make sure your site is well structured in a way that search engines understand.

Then, what about Off-page SEO? It is not in your hands, but depend on other sources like backlinks, social media, quality of shares, bounce rate and all.

How can you do On-Page SEO better?

I’ll put it in an easy way. On-page depends on the quality content which is provided by you. To optimize it better, you should add relevant page title, keywords, focus keyword, page description, content, related links, and images. Try to use Focus keyword on URL. Images should have alt attributes. Links need to be simple and well structured. Make sure that your website should be structured in a way that search engines understand. The website should be mobile friendly, means responsive.

To help you out, If your website using WordPress? there is a plugin called Yoast SEO, that will help you to do On-page SEO, by highlighting which one you missed out to optimize. By referring the list, one can improve their SEO.

How can you do Off-Page SEO better?


Now, you have a good article in your hand but now we need to concentrate on Off-page SEO. Making a brand or personal identity online is a huge trust signal for search engines, but it takes time to build. You need to offer some related articles links in a page. And try to get a backlink from other websites. I mean, if your page is linked on other websites, that makes a huge difference in Off-page SEO. It helps to rank high in search engines. It means Link Building.

Social Media and Social Bookmarking is also a part of Off-page SEO. It’s a good way to get traffic to your website.

To make your SEO stand out, you must know content marketing. Because SEO and Content marketing go parallelly in marketing. You must good at both SEO and Content Marketing to play around and to become a marketing expert. While you writing the content, you must take care of On-Page SEO. and after you published the content, you must take care of Off-Page SEO. Both are interrelated and will help in optimizing your online content so that a search engine show results in an organic way.

How you can Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website/Blog


Here, we try to list out all possible ways to improve SEO ranking.

1. Content:

Try to write a high-quality content or unique content. Be unique or try to provide a quality article for better user experience.

2. Keywords:

Try to use keywords in different places of your website or page for better search engine optimization. Don’t try to overload them that might hurt your ranking.

  • Content.
  • Headings.
  • URL of that particular page.
  • Images of that particular page.
  • Add Content with a Relevant image.

3. Website/Blog:

Make sure that your website is well structured in a way that search engines understand. The website should be mobile friendly, means responsive. Website Speed is also an important factor in SEO. Pages with a longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on the page leads to lack of user experience and hurt SEO and rankings in search engines.

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4. Title Tags:

Try to write a relevant title tag that has to describe what the page is all about. Write a nice length title tags for better Search Engine Optimization.

5. Meta description:

Try to write a good description of the page in about 160 characters. Meta descriptions are what shows up as an excerpt when search engine displays your page as a result to searchers.

6. Links & Images:

Broken Links, Pages, Images and 404s Hurt SEO and rankings in search engine. So Check images and links properly for better SEO and for better user experience.

7. Be Social:

Now you have a better article or website in your hand. Next what? where are the visitors? How did people get to know your article is published or your website is online? Spread your word so that people will get to know about your services or products. It’s better to spread your word in social media. It makes possible to reach easily and it becomes easy to get comments, likes, and shares from the readers. To leverage social media to drive the best traffic, you need to learn the right time to post on social media and to craft social media posts that get likes and shares. You can post in groups and pages to reach more and to drive more traffic.

Just try to be active on all your social profiles mainly Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

If you want to earn rankings more in short time! Then try to be active on Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and RSS.


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