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Yoga! Aerobics! Gym! Which one is better for you?

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Yoga! Aerobics! Gym! Got confused? Are you thinking about Which one is better for you? Why you should select one? What you can expect from these? Well well. Here we are going to answer all your questions. Let’s discuss one by one and try to figure out which one is better for us? First whats your aim? Are you looking for body building, slim and fit, fat loss, weight loss, stress relief or some other. Keep that in mind then read the remaining article to get cleared. ūüôā All these techniques do the body good, but in different ways. Everything is designed in the manner that aimed for some different purposes. People can feel difficult to justify¬†which one is more effective.

Physical activity is very important in the current lifestyle to keep up good health. Health experts advice to take up exercises, sports or yoga as part of daily routine for a healthy living.

First we need to know that: What is Yoga, Aerobics and Gym?

Yoga was developed by ancient Hindu saints for healthy body and for control mind. Yoga helps one control the fickle mind, regulate emotions and also bring flexibility to body.

Aerobics is a form of exercise that combines both music and strength training regime which helps in improving both body and mind. It’s an interesting way for youth to keep up good health.

Gym offers physical benefits. Helps keep muscles fit and also helps one sweat a lot, indicating enhanced circulation and expulsion of toxins. It will rises appetite and helps consume more food.

Now the question is:  Yoga! Aerobics! Gym! Which one is better for you?


gym for better life brainybayWhat people can expect from Gym?

People can expect Fat loss and weight loss with a desired physical shape. A gym workout is focused just on strengthening muscles and boosting cardio. Not recommended for old age people and for those with heart, blood pressure ailments. Tiredness, body pains and soreness of muscles after gym is common. But Gym is mainly for body building, who needs their body in shape.


yoga for better life brainybayWhat people can expect from Yoga?

Yoga will help tone your body, mind and spirit. People may feel refresh, flexible, energetic and start thinking positive. Yoga will reduce stress and improves concentration. It’ll eases your aches and pains.¬†It helps to get rid of fatigue and it does not increase hunger. ¬†It also helps in relieve constipation. With yoga one can expect increased flexibility, toning and strengthening. So people will feel fresh and energetic.¬†¬†Fat loss and weight loss is not achieved through yoga, this is derived through cardio activities. Of course you can. But its not fast result through yoga. Cardio activities could include aerobics, walking, jogging, cycling, rope skipping, dancing and swimming will help you in weight loss and fat loss quickly.


aerobics for better life brainybayWhat people can expect from Aerobics?

People can expect Fat loss and weight loss in aerobics. Running at 5 miles per hour, aerobics burns about 600 calories in one hour.  It will improves the efficiency of the heart muscle, lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. Aerobic exercise outperforms yoga in the cardiovascular field. It will reduces anxiety and depression, improves self-esteem and confidence.


The Final Analysis

  • All these techniques do the body good, but in different ways.
  • Eat healthy food and avoid snacks and junk.¬†You will definitely feel lighter, fitter and glow.
  • Yoga will help you in strength and flexibility. Aerobics will give you a cardio workout. Gym will strengthen your muscles with a desired body shape.
  • Losing weight is 70% food habits and 30% exercise. Depending on your aim and body composition, you can choose between Yoga, gym and Aerobics.

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