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Brainybay is a new trendy website, designed to discuss unlimited topics like Health & Fitness, Recipes, Film Making, Competitive Exams, Tech, Entertainment and much more. And this will helps people those who want to improve themselves every day with us.

Who We Are

Hello!  We are Sunitha and Udai Prashanth, wife and husband duo of “”, those who are ready to explore the world of knowledge and who want to share the unlimited topics with you. Isn’t it an Unlimited Knowledge sharing website! 🙂


We are a creative-minded couple having a different skill set. Udai usually loves the camera. He loves to do films, and story writing. He just finished one feature movie in Kannada as a DOP and Story Writer, It’s in post-production stage. For next movie, he got signed as a Director in Kannada Film Industry. And the good part is, He will do Direction for his next film for his story.

Sunitha loves Coding and Designing. She is the Director of the Marketing and Brand Creation Agency named Bubblescript Websoft Private Limited. I’ve spent a career in Entrepreneurship and Business Planning. I learned planning with my own company, and for 7 years, we worked hard to reach this level. I received my MSc in Information Technology from the University of Mysore.

But we both usually break the rules, will try out of the boundary and finally, we will do what we want to. We learn daily with new challenges. We created to share unlimited topics with you guys. Some easy ways or tricks to crack it. Some professional methods, some our own but we surely get the output.

We both will try to share our knowledge here. We have a cute son, Pratham Tej, 2years old. So we basically know few topics in depth Filmmaking, Camera, Entertainment, Applications, Coding, Designing, Recipes, Health and Fitness, Baby Care and much more. We upgraded ourselves with many other topics too. We’ll share those well.

Brainybay – “Explore the World of knowledge”

Searching in many places? Still not getting correct answer! Which website telling Fake Or Real? Not sure.. So here we are presenting Brainybay to share and discuss reality, besides we will do lot of homework before we are going to share here. We loves to learn, collaborate and create. Everything that we are going to discuss here are already tested or proved. This site allows you to discuss directly with us regarding your queries. We will answer your questions, within 24hrs. Everything is under one website. Isn’t it cool!

about brainybay


Whatever you need, support, answer, anything, email us and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, M-F:

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And of course, if you’d like to know more about us, just ask. We look forward to hearing from you!

With Love,

Sunitha & Udai Prashanth